SimplyE is a library E-Reader that allows you to browse, borrow, read and listen to books from any local public library collection. The app is partnered with libraries across the country, with its biggest partner being the New York Public Library. It ranks #100 in the books category on the App Store.
Our goals when redesigning this app were:
1. To improve the SimplyE app overall by creating a sense of interaction and community that brings aspects of the real-life library setting into the digital space.
2. Use careful testing and research to determine the interactions users find most beneficial.
3. Design with our user in mind, whether they are experienced library-goers or new readers.
4. Provide an organized and streamlined experience that sets up libraries as legitimate competitors to other book apps.

UX Research, UX Design, Art Direction, Prototyping
Figma, Miro
Merav Kaikov
Anastasiia Fortune
Leah Cuker
Task Flows
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